Milk (“Easy”) Stout Here to Stay!

When we brewed our Milk Stout last year, it was initially created as a seasonal beer; a beer that would only stay on tap for a few months and would be later replaced by a new one shortly after we ran out. However, it quickly became a crowd favourite and it was difficult for us to let it leave our taps!

The Walkerville Brewery Milk Stout is a decadent and delicious seasonal offering. Silky sweet notes greet the palette and roll off into a subtle dark chocolate finish. A soft roasted note should linger as the beer finishes dry. Our Milk Stout is rich and robust it is medium bodied and easy drinking.

For this reason, we here at the Walkerville Brewery have decided to give the Milk Stout a permanent place in our brewing lineup; joining the ranks of our Loophole Ale, Geronimo IPA, and signature Honest Lager.

And like these craft beers before it this stout needed a proper name. Therefore Walkerville Brewery is proud to introduce…


New Look. Same Great Beer.

UPDATE: The Stout is OUT!
Walkerville Brewery Easy Stout now available on LCBO shelves throughout Windsor/Essex!